Friday, January 14, 2011

2am and i am awake

Thats what happens when you are in bed at 6pm!!

So the things that go on in my head at 2am. Yesterday i had a cherries and some olives, i didnt track. 2 more points? Not being honest with myself is just silly.... Gotta record that when i get up. So this issue about goal weight.... Am i taking the easy out??? My sister made it to 125, another blogger i follow did it, so am i being a cheat??? I am conflicted.

I need new work pants (again!!!!???) kind of annoying. Mine are too big, i felt almost silly yesterday at the district meeting. I have worked too hard to feel uncomfortable because my clothes are too big!!! I feel sometimes like when will it be just right??? ::::::sigh:::::

I am a little obsessed huh??? Oh well. Better to obsess while doing the right things instead of like old Karla who obsessed while eating all the wrong things and just whined

I wish i was more witty
I wish i was younger

I am grateful to have a wonderful family
I am grateful to have a good job
I am grateful for:
Frozen yogurt, Blow dryers, saturn cars that last forever, pugs that snore, bloggers that share great ideas, coffee bean iced SF vanilla coffee, great kids, great husband that lets me be me and doesnt give me grief, AA, cell phones, treadmils, awesome members at my store (a few i absolutey would die without, they are amazing)

Someone told me to make a gratitude list daily

I should do this more

I am going to try to sleep for at least an hour

Later taters :)
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  1. A gratitude list. What a great idea when you can't sleep at 2 am!

  2. I love your grateful list! I hope you got some more sleep. It's so much easier to let our minds fall into discouragement when we don't get enough sleep, at least for me. You are doing so good with your food choices and you look fabulous! :)


  3. Gratitude list is an awesome idea!


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