Saturday, January 8, 2011


so breakfast was kind of weird, I needed to finish up the last of the oven roasted veggies... with Parmesan cheese
I actually had another bowl of veggies later in the afternoon

and a Vitatop later .... me in my PJ's clowning around
so this is where I was and how far I have come
wowy zowy!!
this was a 16, the only pair of 16's that still fit, none of the others did, so I was more than likely in an 18!! but I would not buy an 18 so I just did wash EVERY night .... I wore the same pants to work for at least 4 months straight!!! .... OMG so embarrassing!!
so here is my size now... 6!!! yeah baby!!
and what would a day be without frozen yogurt?? It was coffee swirled with chocolate macadamia nut.... who said dieting and eating healthy is about suffering??? NOT ME!!!
for dinner stir fry ... this is a major pain in the butt to make so I hardly do it any more, but I went crazy chopping up vegetables so this may be for lunch or dinner tomorrow also

saute in sesame oil onions, carrots and celery
add mushrooms, asparagus and Chinese pea's
add bok choy and nappa cabbage and an entire bag of bean sprouts... I dumped like half a bottle of Trader Joe's Soyaki in it and let it cook for about 6-8 minutes... it was almost a soupy consistency

then drain it and add it to Shiratake noodles (only 40 calories for an entire bag) they have virtually no taste but it adds to the stir fry and makes me feel like I am eating a normal chop suey

I was definitely the vegetable queen today

good thing I am off today.... there may be some side effects to so many vegetables!!

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. Funny video -
    and great eats - as usual!
    Makes me want more veggies!
    The roasted kind, of course.

  2. WOW girl... size 6!!! SO COOL!!! You are a ROCKSTAR!!!!
    I always drool at your frozen yogurt. I can't wait till I add dairy back into my diet in a few months. It's fun to see you clowning around... I totally do that too! Maybe we're both nutty!! I love it!


  3. Love roasted vegetables. That's awesome that you ate it for breakfast - totally something I would do. And your progress is awesome - 16 to 6 shows all of your hard work! It must feel amazing!

  4. Very cool about the jeans! I have a bag of of those noodles in my fridge- your idea is a good one, I've been trying to figure out what to do with them!

  5. Roasted veggies are my absolute fav veggies :)

  6. You are SUCH an inspiration. LOVE the jean comparison!!! Take care.


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