Sunday, January 9, 2011


we went to Sierra's again this week for brunch, I ate vegetables (2 plates full!!!) and an omelet. I enjoyed it but I could definitely tell it wasn't an egg white omelet, I prefer an egg white omelet. The whole eggs tasted almost too rich

then a frozen yogurt and off to the movies: True Grit... ah so/so and the popcorn always gives me a stomach ache, but it is sooooooo good!!!

green beans for dinner

I made the boys cake balls so instead of eating one I had a Vitatop

today was not a good eating day, I feel kind of yucky right now.

oh well not a losing day, maybe a maintaining day ??

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is .... er ah NOT!!!


  1. MMMM cake balls! Good job on just eating the Vita Top. :)

  2. I'm going to a Chinese buffet for lunch on Tuesday and my plan is to have veggies and a little seafood and for desert? A very small plate of fruit!
    You never fail to inspire me even when you think you've had a bad day!


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