Sunday, January 16, 2011

# 454

so I ate too much today, I could have told you about 10 AM that I was in for trouble...

I find when I eat the oven roasted vegetables a lot and often, too many days in a row, I get the uber munchies.....

so I was eating the last of my packed work food at noon.... not a good sign

so I snagged 2 string cheese's


still stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home

and the hubs made a delicious dinner!!! that rat!!! LOL
oh well, those are what those weekly extra points are for huh???

I have used 21 of my 35 (old plan) so I am still ok

I am tired, I am going to climb in bed and read for a few hours....

veg out like broccoli :) ... remember Pretty women???

ok spaz moment there

see ya tomorrow..... less of me that is


  1. Pretty Woman..... ah that was a cool show!
    And fro yo!

  2. Believe you me i understand the munchies! How nice was that to have dinner ready and cooked :)


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