Tuesday, January 18, 2011

# 457

I was a lazy bum today, I went to breakfast with my daughter, then came home and Jack and I sat out behinds on the couch and watched about 4 hours of Project Runway season #1 ... everyone needs a chill day :0)

I did make tofu bowls, you will be seeing them tomorrow and I did do some housework, so I wasn't a total bum!!

TJ's egg white salad

popcorn and cherries

I have been reading on various blogs about Acorn squash...... ahhh blah

I ate it, but I also threw out an entire one, I added some Splenda brown sugar and margarine, so the entire half was 5 points... so NOT worth the points

then I had these egg whites, again blah.. I threw half of them in the trash
I am going to veg out some more, maybe watch that new movie Social Network on demand, or not???

see ya tomorrow... less of me that is


  1. Jack looks like he enjoyed the show :) I don't mind acorn squash but it's not something i love!

  2. That splenda brown sugar is not so good!
    I did a whole post on it....
    I don't even count points and it was
    not worth the points for me, either!
    But everything else is all good.
    Lookit Jack chilling out!


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