Saturday, January 22, 2011


So how do you do this here diet thingy??? You become a label reader!! I look at your blogs and find idea's and go in search of all the yummy things you eat!! I found these tortilla's only 80 calories!! and look at all the fiber, they even have protein!!! SCORE!!

I buy Crystal light by the tray.... "oh, WOW.. I can't afford that!!" ah baloney!! when you do the math I use 6 packets of Crystal light a day, and it comes out to $1.95 a day in Crystal light, I was spending more every day on freakin donuts!!! I have Crystal light in my car, in my desk and packets in my purse. This may be a cheater way to get in my water, but whatever it works!! This is why I failed at the last challenge Suzi :)

I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have water in the garage, I buy it by the liter bottle, the smaller regular grocery store size isn't a large enough bottle for me, I drink too much, so the liter's are perfect!! doing the math again, it costs .66 a day for the water!! at Costco I can get a case for $4.59 and it has 20 bottles which equals .22 a bottle!!! I drink 3 bottles a day!! water is the key people... since I boosted my water, I am less hungry and my stomach is flatter and I don't get as hungry, and the bags under my eyes aren't as pronounced... hair.... skin!!! H20 is miraculous!!

I shop like a mad women!! eggs $1.95 for an 18 pack at costco, egg white salad (ok this I give you is spendy) asparagus $5.00 at Costco, I buy most of my veggies at Costco!! There are 2 tofu bowls ready for the eating, I will go over prep on another blog, and my hubby's ever present Bud light, this is the garage refrigerator... the beer one... ah maybe time for a cleaning ... sheesh!!!

Trader Joe's muffins, they have a short code date so I usually buy 2-3 containers at a time and throw 1-2 in the freezer, depending on my kids.. are they eating healthy? Have they been around a lot or not so much?? and fruit, now this I will NOT be chincy on (is chincy a word? ... in Karla Land it is ..LOL..) I bought blueberries and blackberries, cherries and oranges. I was a little burnt out on apples, but switch it around. Try new ones. Before last year I had never eaten fresh blueberries!! I was convinced I didn't like them

Here's another new thing for me Tofu, now don't go for the gag reflex all you tofu haters.. let's talk point's or calories if you like AND $$$ I get tofu at Costco, it's like $3 or $4 for a three pack of tofu, each pack has 4 squares. Ok score one for tofu ... it's cheap!! Now tofu for 3 ounces of firm tofu has 2 WW points (old plan) and chicken for 3 ounces has 4 WW points ... so same amount half the points as chicken!!! SCORE!!!

I buy vegetables like crazy, here you see carrots, jicama, yellow squash, zucchini and cucumber and a relish tray all ready for the eats... remember yesterday? I had a relish tray? So I just cut a few extra veggies for today!!

and I track!! You have to, have to, have to, have to!!! No it's isn't a kinda sorta maybe thing!! YOU MUST DO THIS!!! .... no let me change all that I MUST DO THIS!!!, me this is key to my losing weight. Now I tried those weekly planners WW gave me, I tried the 3 month journals they sell, I even bought a ridiculously expense "diet journal" at the book store. Simple little blank lines books work for me. I buy them at Borders in a three pack: Moleskins

then I have a page for the extra weekly points

I was just bored this morning and felt like a kumbaya moment... off to do housey day off stuff

later tators :)


  1. I'm a new visitor to your blog and I'm happy I found it. You have done so well and it always helps to inspire me when I read what people that have lost the weight are eating and doing.

    Wow, you buy a lot of eggs. I really need to start eating the fruit and veggies that I buy instead of just renting space to them in my fridge for a week before garbage day. I haven't bought blueberries yet, because I wonder if I like them. I like huckleberries, so you would think. I just gotta do instead of talking about it.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, they are so much fun to look and learn from. Again - you look great!

  2. I have become a bigger fan of tracking calories as time goes on. It shows so much of what is happening when you go off track or dont see the progess you expect. Also a big fan of Trader Joes.

    Have A Great Weekend

  3. Girl, go on and check out Mama Lupe's tortillas-they are AWESOME and even lower cal with fiber and low carb, too-and did I mentioned they taste DELICIOUS????

    Polar's Mom

  4. I thought we were getting a tour.. It started so fun... All fod...Oy..You look great though..

  5. Good evening. Stopping by from Allan's blog. I love your Kumbaya moment. You are doing awesome. WOW, I wish I had stopped by sooner. Oh well, you can start teaching me good things now. I love your progression pictures. Such a great thing happening. I wish I had your fridge, tomorrow is shopping day. No tofo for me but the rest except I don't have to buy eggs, got my own chickens.
    You keep up the great work, keep sharing, keep teaching.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  6. So are you sticking with the old ww plan or going with the new one??


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