Saturday, January 22, 2011


So today was about food prep!! I made veggie bags, all these veggies went into 5 Ziploc gallon size bags: mushrooms, 3 kinds of squash, carrots, red pepper, red onions carrots and asparagus. I also added balsamic vinegar and crushed red pepper. So they are kind of marinating. I will drain off any excess balsamic vinegar and put them on a cookie sheet spritz them with olive oil and bake them in the morning's while I get ready. I baked one tonight, so I still have 4 days of vegetables all ready to go!!

yours truly being a geek!!

So I marinated tofu today in Sriracha and a teriyaki marinade all morning

sliced them thin and baked them. I use this web site for temp and time

I measured out the pilaf, one packet makes three bowls to this I added

brown rice ... one bowl divided into two

add some baked asparagus

and I have 12 tofu bowls!! My son and daughter both love them so this is 4 lunches for three folks ... hubby won't touch tofu!!

this was the eats today :) When we went for frozen yogurt my son said "Mom, I think your frozen yogurt gets bigger and bigger" .... I need to be careful, it is a pay by the ounce place and today's was an all time high!! Tomorrow I am carpooling with a co worker, so no frozen yogurt after work, maybe it's for the best ... boo!!

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. You skinny little thing!
    You look great!
    Eat all the fro you you want....
    They'll make more....

  2. lookin good---I love the veggie prep plan--so gonna copy that

  3. I know i asked this before but now i have a pack of tofu in my fridge :)
    Please can you tell me how you do your tofu!! Pretty please??


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