Wednesday, January 26, 2011


sometimes I plan to do all the right things, but I fail... hummm

so this morning I tried the car pool thing, well let's just say I won't be doing the car pool any more!!! I have to be able to stay when I need to stay... bummer the gas savings would have been nice

anyway lets look at this day... good plan, but what is missing??? there are too many fruits and vegetables and not enough protein

so what do I do when this happens?? I have all my work food eaten by 1PM (I work usually until 5:30, and with the commute I don't hit the frozen yogurt store until 6:30) soooo

Ritz Crackerfuls??? What the Heck?? I ate 2 of these bad boys!! stupid crackers!!! they were 5 points for both

so I get home and I ate another bowl of vegetables just like the one I took to work and 2 Vitatops, and I have to tell ya I may just go get another one!!!

I am not eating a balanced diet!!! not enough protein, or so thats what Doctor nutritionist Karla thinks!!! LOL (Anne do I need to go Low-Carb??)

so I weigh tomorrow, now THAT'S going to be a disaster, oh well

see ya tomorrow guys :P


  1. Good luck with your weigh in!! Remember, it's only a number. :)


  2. Bad car-pool experience; did someone fart in the car?

    Vita Tops, never tried them but so many bloggers speak of thgem, I must be missing something.

  3. What an awesome question!
    You are almost LoCarb at any rate!
    Extra protein wouldn't hurt!
    I had a fro yo and thought of you today!
    Sugar-free, of course!


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