Saturday, January 29, 2011


Breakfast was a six egg white burrito, with Laughing Cow on a La Tortilla brand 80 calorie tortilla, salsa and Tapatio sauce

TJ's high fiber muffin for the ride into work

I oven roasted mushrooms, squash and asparagus and misted olive oil on it and crushed red pepper

New thing!! I added a can of tuna to the TJ's egg white salad, I meant to eat it alone, but the tuna was too tuna tasting ... duh!!... so I had it with the Bimbo high fiber toast

Fro Yo for dinner.............. I came home and the men were eating pizza, so I ate 2 crusts and I asked hubby for a little, I actually pulled out a slice to eat but my son was giving me grief, so I looked up the points................ 14 points!!!! for one slice, YIKES!!! no I did not eat the slice, but I bet I ate 6 points in the 2 crusts and maybe a half inch section!!! stupid pizza!!!

ok off to a meeting :)

later taters :)


  1. Boo Hiss on pizza!
    It's just so good but just no not worth it.

  2. I've been trying to find a crust recipe that's low in points but I don't think it exists. So I'll have to use sandwich thins and totrtilla shells! I have found that thin and crispy at Pizza Hut isn't too bad! Or Papa Murphy's DeLite Pizzas are like 3 points per slice on the old system- and delicious!

  3. My favorite pizza now is my pita pizza's!


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