Monday, January 31, 2011


so things are kind of out of order today :)

I buy these Veggie burgers, they have 110 calories per, I think it's 2 points on the old plan. I like to add Parmesan and Newman's light balsamic vinegar dressing, it's the lowest calorie dressing I have found that I like

The red chili sauce I add to cottage cheese for a super spicy dip for vegetables

lots of fiber today, almost too much I was feeling super full all day

OH I also had more green beans when I got home and maybe 2 small red potato's..... a hubby that cooks :)

day off tomorrow, time to restock the pantry

see ya tomorrow fellow weight loss/diet journal friends :)


  1. You work at a store, and shop on your day off?
    I love to restock the pantry - mindfully, now!

  2. O.k i'm totally a copycat! Yesterday i picked up some spicy thai chili sauce that looks like i can use it on a lot of things :)
    Have a great day!

  3. Damn that yogurt!!! Now I'll be craving it all day! ;-) I do love Thai chili sauce, I like it on fish-never tried it in cottage cheese...

    Polar's Mom


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