Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post # 438

I had oatmeal with one scoop of protein and cinnamon for breakfast, my son went to Tommy's .... now in case you don't know Tommy's is THE BEST!!!! I think I gained weight just looking at it!!! LOL so I grabbed a Vitatop and disappeared into the back of the house until he was done eating.. I didn't want to be like Jack ... begging for a bit :)

so since I was so good, we had Thai food for lunch, my favorite :)

with a Frozen yogurt of course :)

It was stock up the refrigerator day!!! Cherries

silly Jack he begs for anything being prepared on the counter

do you think he would have wanted a bite of asparagus??? it sure was yummy!

I went exchanging today .... sorry Shaun, Lalo and Deb

but I figured better to exchange and get something I will wear

I totally scored!!! 5 work shirts, jeans and 2 cami's

I made up my vegetables for oven roasted for the week, about the numbering... the blogger keeps track of the number of posts so I figured go with it, my system is all kafloowy anyway!!!

see ya tomorrow.... less of me that is


  1. Dog = super cute.

    And that's how I looove my asparagus done. Best way. Seriously. Yum!

  2. I like my asparagus roasted too- acutally, I like it slightly burnt. lol It just isn't the same any other way! :)


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