Thursday, January 27, 2011

Core Values

What Core Values do you aspire to?

Patrick talked this morning in his blog about Core Values. My company has core values. Do I have core values? If I had to write them down what would they be?? I Googled personal core values, I am a big fan of the google… LOL :p

I think mine would be:



1. Honesty; I hate liars, I don’t lie. I frequently tell on myself, actually I do it all the time (read my blog!!)

2. Integrity, I throw this word around a lot but what exactly does it mean? According to a dictionary: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

So Honesty and Integrity kind of go hand in hand, humm makes sense! I went through Oz Leadership training with my company!! See it!! own it!! solve it!! Do it!!

3. Leadership, about 11 years ago things happened in my life that resulted in me changing my career, I went from a bookkeeper to a Store Director, I needed to be self supporting. I needed to always know I can be alone and be ok. The change has been amazing!! Had I known 11 years ago I would have made the change sooner! I love my job, yeah it has it’s sucky days. Don’t we all!! but the more I study Leadership, the more books on tape I listen to, the easier my job is!! I used to think that Leadership or people that read leadership books, or went to leadership training were the ultimate in nerds!! Geeks!! Pocket protector wearing, high water pants… every geeky nerdy image you can think of that is what I related it to, now that is me!!! LOL funny where life’s paths take you

4. Health, now this I don’t think I need to expand on too much. This last year has been so amazing!! I want to continue to be healthy! I want to live a long and healthy life! To do this I know a few basic’s. I have to be at a healthy weight and exercise daily!

5. Strength, not physical strength, but I am thinking more of strength of character. I always want to be know as the “strong” one. I push myself on this, I am very hard on myself. This one comes from my childhood. My Mom never coddled us as children. I am not very intolerant of weakness in others. I have to know this about myself and have to remind myself to be patient and tolerant of others, because this is my trait, not necessarily others!

I don’t know if this is the “correct” way to do this, I am sure some people have written thesis papers on core values, book, lectures…

But this is kind of off the cuff my personal core values.

Thanks Patrick for your blog post which made me think. What are my core values?


  1. Well for off the cuff work here you sure hit a home run ( baseball season is about two months away).

    This I like; See it!! own it!! solve it!! Do it!!

    Thank you for sharing what inspires you and doing the same for other :-)

  2. Core values-you mean other than pizza and cookies and...NOOOOO, wrong core. For me, I want to have patience as my main virtue, but for me it takes ALOT. Things that I think of when I think of myself are honesty, compassion/empathy, and...well...I have no idea. Maybe I should ask hubs-I hate looking within myself-its all gooey in there...

    Polar's Mom

  3. I can't stand liars, either, and I don't lie.
    And if I just mess up, I tell on myself, too!
    At least I told the truth, even when it wasn't
    pretty and no one but me would ever know.

  4. Interesting, and very true to yourself. I I get smaller will I find a few of those cores inside me? For now I just need some backbone. :P


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