Friday, January 21, 2011


I have been thinking about this for the last 2 days: Why?

Why do we stop doing the things that have made us successful?
Why do we throw good habits for the comfort of old habits? The old habits made us feel bad. I have a friend that wanted help, she was slipping back into old habits, so I sent her all these encouragements…..


I didn’t post my food pictures, my daughter borrowed my camera.
I didn’t post again the next day…. Too tired

I was going to stop posting food pictures; too boring, people don’t care, not jazzy enough, I am almost at goal… blah blah blah all these reasons are going around in my mind, but at the last minute I think … ok maybe just once more

Which started conversation this morning with my daughter, she says “Mom, it has worked, why stop?”

OMG, so simple!! Why do I constantly try to reinvent the wheel?

I look at bloggers I love Lynn and Sheryl come straight to mind and why? They didn’t get to goal, win the race and quit!! Sheryl has done some video blog posts and she said something to the effect that she accepted that this is the way she lives now, being mindful of what she eats (so not exactly what she said, but ya get the drift)

I also read, or used to read some folks that wanted to gain financially from their blog’s, they were angry because WW never gave them the recognition they felt they deserved. I blog for me!! And you!! It keeps me focused and it shows you that it can be done. Suzi got me started. I read her blog for 6 months before I started, she always posted healthy foods, I thought that gal eats like a bird!! She doesn’t eat enough!! Do I have to eat almost nothing to lose weight? is kind of where I started, but now I feel we almost eat the same.

I needed more in the beginning, so I ate more vegetables! but this weird thing happened along the way…. I don’t have to sit on my hands any more.. I am not constantly thinking about candy, McDonalds, Taco Bell, cake, donuts … planning how much money I have so I can go buy more food. I am an alcoholic (ok maybe TMI for some… sorry) I don’t drink alcohol. I can NOT drink and be ok. I could probably go to dinner and have a glass of wine and also be okay, but then the obsession of craving starts…. More alcohol… then more… then... then... then a year has gone by and my life is in shambles and I am miserable. So just replace all of that with food, carbs and you have the exact scenario!

So back to the original question, why?

Lazy, tired, comfortable, resting on my laurels

I have to be ever vigilant. I know I have a problem, with food and alcohol.

Like others (Sheryl) I have to accept that this is part of my life. I have to do what works, I cannot allow myself to become too tired, too comfortable because that makes me vulnerable. Does this sound to convoluted? Maybe but this is my take. It works for me and out of the mouths of babes “Mom, it has worked, why stop?”

So we will be back to our regularly scheduled picture food posting later tonight

Later tators J


  1. I love this post. It is so true. We need to stay vigilant. Isn't that why we yo yo and end up gaining our weight back in the first place? We need to make our changes be permanent changes and that often takes self-correcting and adjusting. Just like a plan has to make minor course corrections constantly to stay on course. We are no different. Just sometimes we wait too long before making that course change and then it becomes a bigger course change. But BETTER TO MAKE that instead of letting ourselves keep going off course.

    I like how you share the blogs that have inspired you. I need to do that more. I am inspired by your blog! I also love Suzi's blog and the pics of her food. Her food looks good!! Your food looks good! Keep on girl!! :)


  2. OMG, I am right there with you but I stopped :(

  3. Totally agree-complacency, not carbs, is my biggest threat to success. And your using your blog as a tool is fantastic-realizing this is one of your tools makes you even more prone to success, in addition to successfully already kicking one addiction. Keep it up, stick with the pics, and blog forward. I may not post on all your food posts, but I assure you that I DO read them all.

    Polar's Mom

  4. The habits, pathways, that are formed in the brain, NEVER GO AWAY. So, it's really easy to go back to old habits if new ones aren't consciously reinforced with regularity (at first daily, then when more ingrained, maybe less often, but always reinforced when stressors will want us to get back to old habits.)

    I think also that the imperative lessens. When you're REALLY obese, you have that hanging over you head. When you get closer to a weight you're comfy with and is healthier, though maybe it is or is not really goal, it's easier to say, "Not bad, this ain't that bad" and not feel urgency.

    In any case, you are aware. Being aware is a good chunk of solving the problem. right? :)

    Stay on here, babe.

  5. Princess Dieter I hear you! The old habit I fight is "It doesn't really matter" or it's sister thought "Who cares?" And since I live alone these two sister thoughts rear up their head when I'm tired or bored. Not making excuses just trying to be aware of my process.

    My other "enemy" is my long commute.

  6. Okay now your inside my head! I admit i haven't posted this weekend mainly just because i couldn't think of what i would say!!
    And then i read this.... well i guess i've been called out :)
    Eat like a bird?? Moi :) I actually feel that i eat quite a bit!


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