Monday, February 28, 2011


Into the trash:

Vitatops (I ate 4 today!!!)
Weight watcher treats.
I think chocolate cannot be in the house. ...

Learning what I can and can't handle

Time to admit that Vitatops are a food I cannot have in my house
That makes me sad....

OK now it is going to be March first and to give me incentive to be chocolate free for one month I will do something special for myself April first

.... shoes???

Later guys
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Monday Monday

Good eats. Lotsa egg whites. Dinner was asparagus, peas, half of a potato and I ate the crispy onions off the meat loaf.... no meat loaf for me
...... I may have a WW frozen treat later

Later tators
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shoe post

We interrupt our regularly schedulded food blog to have some serious conversation..... shoes!!!
Now all my life I have never understood some women's obsession with shoes

Now I get it

It started innocently enough, shopping in Portland with my sister ... I discovered clog's. ... hummm Then I discover Dansko's black patent leather, brown, brown tooled, solid black... oh my: )

Lands end has clogs as well.... oh oh grey, red and black.... too fun

Oh oh wedges.... oh my fun fun fun

Chuck Taylor's... how did those get there..... tee hee

I have some Leopard flats ordered, now don't laugh they are amazing!!!! Pictures when they arrive

Yes I am having fun....

100% good eating day

Later taters
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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Better food day
Day off; new phone for the hubs, shoe shopping (new obsession) pedicure, Thai food for dinner, booked Vegas for vacation... woot Woot!!!
Evening plans; finish up season 5 of Project Runway... its official. .. I am a party animal... ah Not!!! LOL

Ps.... A bowl of zero point ww soup

Later taters
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Friday, February 25, 2011

and more and more and more

Sheesh today was the old Karla
1400 too many calories.
Tomorrow is a whole new day
(Thank goodness)

Fail :(
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So stress and crackers suck :+(

Gotta do extra cardio over the next 5 days to burn off the 700 extra calories....


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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Day off, hair, shoes, laundry and shopping.....

Carrots and jicama..... not pictured two bites of grilled cheese and 3 vitatops total

I am becoming a shoe freak!!!

Later taters
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I commented on someones blog this morning that carbs make me crave carbs....


hypocrite maybe??

frozen yogurt = carbs

Vitatops = carbs

oh well life is not perfect in Karla Land

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Woot woot day off tomorrow!!! Boo ya!! Laundry, mountains of it!!! Hair, and restocking but the best best best part.... no alarm tomorrow!!!

Oh and a frozen yogurt

Later tators
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Monday, February 21, 2011


So I forgot to take a picture of my oven roasted vegetables. I bought Vitatops at my local neighborhood store. OMG!!!! Chocolate with chocolate chips is soo good!!! I think I will go and buy every box they have, before they discontinue them. Seems like when I find a store that carries something I like, a week later they don't carry it anymore. Waaa. I actually had 2 vitatops and 2 bites of rice. Its the bites, licks and tastes.that gets me usually.... I need to get some gum!!!

See ya tomorrow
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