Thursday, February 3, 2011


Kind of a boring repeat food day

day off, I slept until 8:30!!! that's super late for me!

I am on the hunt for the perfect summer sandal, a wedge, not too high but not a flat, comfortable that will dress up Capri's. Funny how things are different from a year ago!!

my blog is boring me!! I need to eat something different tomorrow, but it's working and I am enjoying what I am eating so why?

Oh I lost this week!! so that was good :)

I hope to make it to 135, no stress but I would like to end the year at a solid 135, stable 135 not just hit 135 for a nano second!!

later tators


  1. Hey if you like what your eating why change??

  2. I agree with suzi. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. :)

  3. I eat the same thing every day.
    That's why I seldom post my food.
    It would be the same.
    But it's not so bad with yours.
    You eat alot and different things!
    So it's cool
    Listen to the wise and wonderful
    Spunky Suzi!
    She knows what she's talking about.
    I would trust her with my very life.


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