Sunday, February 13, 2011


So I am going to change how I keep track of my food, I am switching to calorie counting. Today I had 1265 calories (I ate an extra Vitatop)

I think the whole point system worked for me I loved it BUT now my frozen yogurts are getting bigger and bigger.... I am adding more and more margarine and Parmesan cheese to my green beans..

so we will see how this goes. I figure I will give it two months ... or so that is the plan

knowing me plans are always a changing :)

later taters :)


  1. Hi Karla!!! OMG, you've done so well!
    I've switched to calorie counting as well on the suggestion of my doctor (who lost an incredible 85 lbs!)
    She led me to I NEVER thought I'd love calorie counting but this site has made it practically effortless.
    It's great to see that you're doing well.

  2. btw ... you influenced the way I now blog. I just use mine to track my food, exercise and weight. Nice and simple.

  3. When you get your frozen yogurt, they wiegh it for you, right? It's self serve? That will make the calorie counting easier if that is the case

  4. I change all the time! Right now i'm counting calories too. I took the time to count calories on some days that i was doing points and a lot were really low and some were really high. I figured counting calories would be easier. I use sparkpeople

    I hear you on starting to add extra's in!! On weight watchers i loved that fruit was free but honestly bananas do add up calories.


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