Tuesday, February 15, 2011


ok I in awe of those bloggers that have stuck to the 1200 calorie strict diet....

I figured 1610 today!!! OMG!! and that is with 2 Vitatops and I guessed on the dinner

Salmon, glazed carrots and grilled zucchini. I figured it to be 500 calories it was a WAG (wild assed guess)

also I did the mega shop today and of course Costco had all the little samplers peddling their wares so I figured 200 calories for that .... I think I had a taster of 7 layer dip with 2 chips, a Sunflower chip of some sort, a taster cup of salad with this Asian dressing so 200 ... another WAG

so given the WAG's I am logging today as 1610. I went into Calorie Count and 1610 is still a losing number, 1712 is the amount of calories I could consume and stay at 138. That sure sounds like too many to me!!!

so tomorrow is a work day so 1200 it is!!! BOO YAA!! I can do this! I did get all my water in today, but no treadmill. I did the restocking the house thing today, busy busy and we went to dinner for a late Valentines...

later taters :)


  1. Wild Ass Guess!
    Looks good, though.

  2. I shoot for 1,200 a day so far it's going o.k! However, it's a lot harder when your out and you don't know the stats.
    Your food looks yummers today :)

  3. But isn't it better to yoyo the calorie intake every now and then so your body's metabolism doesn't get set to one speed...I read that once on a WWer forum

  4. Oh.. such great eats! I LOVE beef jerky... and salmon... okay, gettin' hungry. :)

  5. Did you take a peek at myfitnesspal?

    I've lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks using the site. I love it.

    Not sure if they'd measure your calories any different than the site you're using but it couldn't hurt to see.


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