Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day off

counting calories is so much harder!!! not the actual task of it, duh :P

BUT in Weight watchers there are so many zero point things: salsa, cucumbers and jicama

but they aren't REALLY zero now are they!!??

ok maybe I will actually now get to that 125 number??!! Who knew!!

well I am off to drink liter #1, slow start on the water consumption today. I also am going to stock up on good eats

I am also revamping my blog list, cleaning out one's I don't read ever or well, ya know BUT the blogger is being a pain so I will finish tonight. I lost patience



  1. Well I finally have my computer and your blog is the first one I've left a comment on :)
    Yes I totally agree with you counting calories made me realize just how many "free" calories I had been eating. It does get easier.

  2. I went to my dr. and told her that I'd joined WW online and that fruit was now "free". Well she was horrified and told me "nothing is FREE." and led me to myfitnesspal. She lost 85 lbs using the site. The site makes it easy to keep track of calories. I know I keep commenting about it but that's how jazzed I am for it. There's a phone app for the site too.


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