Monday, February 21, 2011


So I forgot to take a picture of my oven roasted vegetables. I bought Vitatops at my local neighborhood store. OMG!!!! Chocolate with chocolate chips is soo good!!! I think I will go and buy every box they have, before they discontinue them. Seems like when I find a store that carries something I like, a week later they don't carry it anymore. Waaa. I actually had 2 vitatops and 2 bites of rice. Its the bites, licks and tastes.that gets me usually.... I need to get some gum!!!

See ya tomorrow
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  1. The two-week countdown starts tonight!
    You pick the sf fro yo place.
    I'll bring the spoons!

  2. Vitatops is having a sale through Hungry Girl right now which includes the yummiest creation on earth: chocolate peanut butter - YUM!! If you need/want the link over, let me know :)


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