Friday, February 18, 2011


So a few things.... I found Lap Band Gal today; I haven't figured out her name, maybe I won't BUT she has lost over 100 pounds and is into maintenance. On her blog she talked about maintenance being boring and hard. :::::sigh::::::

I have been thinking .......yesterday someone asked if I was still losing?

Why was I still bringing my own food to the meeting?

Finding her blog helped me to realize it is hard. Maintaining weight loss is hard, and so many blogger's disappear (and then maybe reappear... yuck yuck I made a funny...) because they are "done".... no such luck for me. It is a constant struggle. Eating healthy

am I at goal? do I lose more? I feel good in my skin, but I didn't get to that "magic" number.... oh whats a gal to do??

Then also Lap band gal did this post which inspired me so now I am on a countdown!!!! 1/1/2012 I will have maintained my 60 pound weight loss for one year! I am going to the National Weight Control Registry and I am going to participate in their research study

New goal!!! so excited, I think I will add a widget for the countdown

also yesterday I overate at the end of my day, why??? I had a bad day and was feeling VERY resentful. Now I DID NOT read every word of this web site BUT the idea is there and you understand.

This is my take on yesterday. I packed my food and last night I way overate, by about 700 calories!


I was angry and resentful I am sure did not help my state of mind, so I again am reminded that I am powerless, and I need to let go of resentments ....

How??? I got no friggin idea!!! Today I will do some internet cruisin, go to the book store, go to a meeting tonight and see...

ah life.... it's a puzzle now and then..


  1. Hi Karla! Thanks for visiting my blog and the shout out. Yes, maintenance is an every meal..heck...every bite issue...I always have to be vigilant to make sure I make good food choices and make exercise a daily occurance. Congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up! :)

  2. I think maintaining a weight loss weight is a great goal. It's dangerous to just reach a goal and then stop. Getting healthy and staying healthy is a constant goal. Hopefully, we don't have to think of it as so hard... sometimes it is, but think how much better we feel! Our quality of life far outweighs how hard it can be. You have come SO FAR Karla! You look AWESOME!! And I love your food choices. I get so many ideas from you. You are an inspiration to many. I am cheering you on girl.

    God bless!!


  3. Maintenence is hard, thats why 90% of diets are yo-yo's. Life style change is the goal ;) You are doing an amazing job!!

  4. Love this post! You are the real deal. Thanks for the links since I too am struggling with is weigh-in day after Friday at M's for dinner and Thursday book club (by the way, eating dinner before going to a "party" DOES NOT work for me - I ate anyway. I wasn't about "to be rude" and reject the hostess food...
    there's one of my maintenance challenges).
    luv ya


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