Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shoe post

We interrupt our regularly schedulded food blog to have some serious conversation..... shoes!!!
Now all my life I have never understood some women's obsession with shoes

Now I get it

It started innocently enough, shopping in Portland with my sister ... I discovered clog's. ... hummm Then I discover Dansko's black patent leather, brown, brown tooled, solid black... oh my: )

Lands end has clogs as well.... oh oh grey, red and black.... too fun

Oh oh wedges.... oh my fun fun fun

Chuck Taylor's... how did those get there..... tee hee

I have some Leopard flats ordered, now don't laugh they are amazing!!!! Pictures when they arrive

Yes I am having fun....

100% good eating day

Later taters
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  1. You should check out Aerosoles if you haven't already :-) We have some amazing shoes & they've gotten SUPER cute over the years while still maintaining their incredible comfort!! (I work for them...if you couldn't tell. Haha)

  2. OK, the black strappy shoes (4th ones down) are INSANE!! Can you walk in those? That would be part of one 'knock your socks off' outfit, girl!

  3. I bet you are enjoying the NO TAX in Portland too!
    Looks like you're having fun!!


  4. Hehehe...I kind of have a thing for the ones that look like they might be made of pebbles. :P

  5. Loving ALL of the wedges. I've gotten into clogs recently too, so far it's only 2 pairs... that pretty much look exactly the same!

    ~ Harlow

  6. Oh now you've got me thinking about buying shoes!!


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