Monday, February 28, 2011


Into the trash:

Vitatops (I ate 4 today!!!)
Weight watcher treats.
I think chocolate cannot be in the house. ...

Learning what I can and can't handle

Time to admit that Vitatops are a food I cannot have in my house
That makes me sad....

OK now it is going to be March first and to give me incentive to be chocolate free for one month I will do something special for myself April first

.... shoes???

Later guys
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  1. Drat the luck!
    I can't keep around certain things, either.
    The more I love them, and want them, and obsess about them,
    Oh, and did I mention love them - truly - and can't do without them -
    The more I need to keep them out of my house.
    Cashews are a a biggie for me.

  2. Ice cream MUST to stay out of my house! If I so feel in the mood a single serve skinny cow, or a regular plain McDonalds cone. Heaven help me if a 1/2 gallon makes it to my freezer. :0)

  3. I couldn't keep them in my house either!!
    Stay strong and i think shoes, manicure and pedicure would be great for one month with no chocolate :)

  4. You're definitely not alone. I can't have that stuff in the house either. IF I have anything like a treat, it has to be in controlled amounts out of the house.
    It's just the way it is.
    I have found that the longer I go without, the less the cravings are.
    Be strong!
    Shoes for March. Sounds about right!

  5. I can't keep peanut butter in the house! If I do it's just asking for trouble.

    I say shoes is a great reward BUT maybe a pair you wouldn't normally buy, a different brand, new style, something really to look forward too!

    ~ Harlow


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