Monday, March 14, 2011


6 egg whites on an Oroweat thin. I added Tapatio sauce, I like it spicy!! and crushed red pepper flakes!!

work food, Trader Joe's egg white salad on 2 slices of Bimbo high fiber bread, a muffin, mixed berries and Greek Yogurt and some cottage cheese.... oops I forgot the picture of my oven veggies. I made 4 bags of cut up vegetables yesterday and put balsamic vinegar in them so they are already cut up, I drain off any excess balsamic vinegar and bake them in the morning (45 minutes at 425) then just add the cottage cheese. It's like a cold veggie salad!!

and the frozen yogurt... a day wouldn't be complete without it :)

later guys... Project Runway Season #7 disc #1 woo hoo!!! Love me some Netflix

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