Friday, March 11, 2011


Age: 51
Bed Size: California King
Chore You Hate: all of them!!
Dogs: Pug and an Aussie
Essential Start of Your Day: COFFEE!!!
Favorite Color: Orange is my new obsession!
Gold or Silver: both
Height: 5 foot 6
Instruments I Play: none
Job Title: Store Director
Kids: 2
Live: California
Mom's Name: Mom LOL :P
Nicknames: ….. Wheezer (dang!!!)
Overnight Hospital Stays: humm???
Pet Peeve: Rudeness
Quote From a Movie: “You and Cujo seem to have an attitude-danal problem there” … Major Payne
Right or Left Handed: right
Siblings: 2
Time You Wake Up: 4:40
Underwear: Handy Panky
Veggie You Dislike: Eggplant, and green bell peppers
What Makes You Run Late: too much time!!! If I give myself too much extra time, I am always late… go figure??
X-Rays You Have Had: teeth
Yummy Food You Make: Thanksgiving dressing…. The BEST!!!
Zoo Animal You Like Best: elephants

inspired by Lyndsay over at Thinspiration


  1. Hi Karla, so nice to get to know you better. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love that movie, too!
    I quote it all the time!


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