Friday, March 4, 2011


At the store there's a mcdonalds across the parking lot I went in there twice yesterday for coffee and for diet soda I don't know how I ate there all the time just the smell yesterday totally grossed me out. I will take an extra bottle of water today

Yuck ..... Smelly Mickey D's..... Eeewee
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  1. Maybe it's Ronald Mc D's shoes!

  2. McDonald's smell honestly makes we want to hurl!

  3. Two people were eating Big Macs at the lunch table yesterday at work.
    It really did look and smell gross.
    I'm glad I don't eat that anymore.

  4. I'm the same as you! A couple of years ago I was ADDICTED to big macs, extra mac sauce please, with acheese burger on the side.

    Then I went vegetarian, stopped eating there and now the smell grosses me out. yuck


    Ummmm your weight loss record (side bar) is amazing and so inspirational!


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