Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post # 542

what happened today??
I got up super duper early, I had an all day meeting.

muffin (purse food)
fruit and a tiny bit of oatmeal

jerky, Gnu bar and come carrots, red bell pepper and cucumber

lunch... 4 asparagus spears, 2 carrots, 2 strawberries and a bite of chicken and a tiny salad

break... apple and a banana

sitting at the table... 3 pieces of candy

drive home ... more candy

dinner... beans, chicken taco, chips and guacamole, cookie and more candy

I feel sick!!! Will I always be a fatty that is trying to be in control of my eating? always struggling? never quite there? Am I just tired and feeling defeated? like I let myself down? Sitting on my pity pot because no one gushed over my weight loss? Is it that I still see myself as that overweight invisible gal and .... OMG!!! I think I am just thinking too danged much!!!

I purposely didn't post my weight, it was another half pound gain, I figured pay the piper tomorrow, post the 5 pound gain (or whatever it turns out to be) and jump back into it? I am having deja vu of the ole "one last meal" thinking I used to have... now my hands feel greasy, I feel sick, fat, tired and just plain ole not happy with my behaviour

It sucks to be me tonight :(

sorry to be the downer... strick point counting starting tomorrow morning. I want to get back to 137!!

good night guys


  1. You'll get a hold of it. Just remember--you're more a maintenance gal now than a big-losing gal. Compliments aren't gonna be like they were cause folks are used to you being normal weight/slim now. Simple as that. It's easy to comment when people are losing/have lost a lot. When they's the same them all the time. What's to cmoment over? :)

    Oh, and your plaid Dansko's are ubercute! I'd love those if they were in black/teal or black/ colors. :)

  2. Hi Karla,
    Sorry about your not so great day. At least tomorrow is a fresh start! :)
    Thanks so much for commenting on my last post! I really appreciated your comments and sweet words! Made my day.

    God bless!

  3. I go off track too....everyone has a bad day or week. Get back on the horse. In Connie's words..You have come to far to give up now. ;)


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