Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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I have been really struggling for about a week now, and today was no different, I think on my day off I will make a huge pot of vegetable soup!

I didn't eat the California roll , too much food!

a few of these today :)

don't judge me!!! only one slice is 50 calories and they taste like candy!! I always associate prunes with old folks.... oops I am in my 50's now!! I guess I am one of those "old folks" drats!!!

6 egg whites with onions and mushrooms, and soy cheese on a La Tortilla tortilla with salsa and hot sauce. A HUGE breakfast

carrots, cucumber and carrots

frozen yogurt

unplanned...green beans with Parmesan, and I threw in a spoon of brown rice

I have eaten over my points like every day for about 2 weeks!!! I have to get back on track! It's not like it is crazy over but I don't feel as good when I do this, also I am so friggin tired!!!

oh I know!!!! I need another vacation! LOL

whiners whiners, me no likey whiners!

Later guys :)

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  1. You probably used a few flex pts but that's what they're there for!
    I love prunes... just saying :)
    Your the reason I tried roasted green beans and now I'm hooked on them!
    Hope today goes better for you.

  2. I usually don't use my extra weekly points but I like knowing they are there. I firmly believe if I did eat those extra 49 points each week, I would start gaining weight. Your meals look good. I'm going to try that egg white salad soon. Oh yes, I had to stop buying the VitaTops because they went up in points and I like them with a big layer of peanut butter on top. Yum.

  3. Sorry to hear it's such a stuggle for you these days. Perhaps it's time for all new menus...time to experiment and try new foods. I just got some cajun spices - not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Oh and I've been eating more fish - for breakfast!


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