Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Egg white omelet with onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and a half portion of soy chorizo with some strawberries

I ordered an iced coffee from Starbucks with sf vanilla and equal and added the vanilla protein = a 100 calorie vanilla latte with 21 grams of protein!

Green beans with cottage cheese and light dressing

Fiber One brownie, pear and a pumpkin Vitatop

For dinner a turkey wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with mustard, hummus and red bell pepper


Busy day! First day of vacation, yowsa!!!

See ya tomorrow :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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I had a rough time making my work food today, the tofu bowls I made were And my chop suey had been hijacked by one of my kids .... Double boo

Time for the a new plan; berries with Greek yogurt, a muffin, popcorn, Fiber one brownie, cut up carrots, jicama, cucumber and red pepper, i also made a turkey roll up; i used a La Tortilla tortilla (Vons) and put in turkey, Grey Poupon mustard and some hummus.... Sooooo good!!! And the last of my work munchies was whoever ate my chop suey left most of the tofu noodles, so I added steamed green beans with some Peanut sauce (Whole Foods has the best peanut sauce... Lowest calorie and tastiest) again a delicious combo!!

I took some pictures of my tortilla's, the Soyaki from the chop suey, the peanut sauce and the tofu noodles.....

Ok lets talk tofu noodles, I first read about them in the Hungry Girl cook book, searched the web to find where i could buy them and through trial and error I have found that i drain them, rinse them and throw them in boiling water just like regular noodles, cook for 2-3 minutes and drain again, and put them on paper towels and dry the heck out of them, then they are just like regular noodles, just a little chewyier.... Is that a word?

So anyway works for me :)

I had a sweet tooth at work and had some sf jello pudding

A frozen yogurt for dinner

Good day :)
See ya tomorrow


well if you play..... you pay

back to 140, drats....

no crackers for Karla this week

life is such a delicate balance, I tipped the scales with crackers, chips, and BLT's (bites, licks and tastes) .... I need motivation

I have it!!!! SHOES!!! new clogs!! the hubs will kill me ..... tee hee

ok Karla this is for the big bucks, the Karla shoe challenge!!! When I get back to 137 (must be on the official weigh day... Thursday) then I get new clogs!!!

I think I am shoe obsessed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Killer eats today!

Egg white sandwich

Work food was a tofu bowl I made a few days ago, left over broccoli with cottage cheese and light balsamic vinegar dressing, a one point popcorn, pear and now for the best best best!!!! I bought a stiff fry mixture at Trader Joe's and I added some baby bok choy.... I picked out the green bell peppers (yucko!!!) added some asparagus sauteed it in a no stick pan with a tiny amount of sesame seed oil. I added some Soyiaki sauce from Trader Joe's and some soy sauce. Let it cook for about 10-15 minutes then I drained it. I cooked some tofu noodles.... Ok now don't yak(lol) I buy them at the local health food store, Follow your Heart, when i add them to the chop suey you cannot tell any difference .... Would I lie??

Soooooo good!!!

I got the Fiber one brownies at the Costco and they are so so good!!!!!!! When I bought them and discovered how good they were I went right back to Costco and got a second box!

I got my 3 liters of water in and my usual 20 minutes on the treadmill

I weigh tomorrow, hoping for a maintain, it was a rough week so we will see

see ya tomorrow :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post 586

Breakfast was a muffin (80 calories) with Greek yogurt and blueberries

I packed my food, but I didn't have the protein drink, I had sf jello instead.....

And Fiber One brownies, I stayed within my points. The pickles worked. I bought pickles, hot salad mix, (like spicy jalapeƱos) and sf jello, so when I got the munchies I had the pickles and the sf jello

I feel good tonight. See you tomorrow :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


So the best laid plans.....

I didn't eat the tofu bowl,instead I ate chips, chips and more chips

And a frozen yogurt on the way home
The girls leave their chips on their desks... "Oh go ahead eat some, it's for everyone"... Oh you are so nice.... Ah no. So I of course eat too much. Tomorrow I am going to buy a jar of crunchy pickles and when I want their chips, I will eat pickles.

So I of course want to jump on the scale and sabotage myself, "oh you blew it, so go crazy, throw in the towel" NOPE! Back on the wagon tomorrow.

Ah fun fun fun :(

See ya tomorrow

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post 584

Breakfast was an egg white omelet with onions, tomatoes, jalapeƱos and half a portion of soy chorizo with a side of strawberries

Deb do you recognize the jacket?

Brownie, pear

Blueberries, blackberries and strawberris with Greek yogurt


I oven roasted vegetables: onions, mushrooms, red pepper, asparagus, zucchini, butternut squash and asparagus. I spritzer with olive oil, added crushed red pepper and some balsamic vinegar. Baked at 400 for an hour. I had some today and 2 lunches for the week

Dinner at MIL's I just ate broccoli and some onions in sour cream

I way way ate too many vegetables.

See ya tomorrow , hope you had a Happy Easter

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The blog or my IPad is messed up, I don't know which....

Post 582

Egg white sandwich for breakfast
Tofu bowl
Fiber one brownie
I didn't have any fruit for the Greek yogurt so I just took some vanilla and sweetener, and made vanilla Greek yogurt... It was good.... Kinda maybe a little weird, but I will do it again
A chocolate protein drink that I added to a Starbucks iced coffee with some SF vanilla syrup .... Tasted like a mocha latte
And (not pictured) two handfuls of snacky cracker mix.... :(
A "bowl" of asparagus, half a cup of quinoa, and 2 ozs of chicken with 30 g's of Newmans light balsamic vinegar dressing.... I will for sure make this combo again!!!

I am DETERMINED not to eat again tonight!!!! Come on Karla you can do it girl!!! One night no snacking!!

See ya tomorrow

Friday, April 22, 2011

Post 581

Too many Vitatops last night..... What the heck?

I worked a late shift so no frozen yogurt :(

The tofu bowls are good! I have to get up early so off to bed


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post 580

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I lost this week!!! Yeah almost back to 137 :)
The omelet is egg white, jalpenos, onions, mushrooms and soy chorizo and I asked them to only put in half of the normal amount of chorizo

Single size Popchips 2point treat!!!

Greek yogurt and berries

I made lunch for the next 8 work days, I measured it all out brown rice, pilaf, tofu and green beans 4 points and a quick grab for easy morning food prep!! I am sure I munched on too much tofu, I love love love tofu. Hubby hates the smell, hates the name, ha ha silly man :)

See ya tomorrow

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