Friday, April 8, 2011

# 565

I ate every 2-2.5 hours. Tofu and rice (twice) with veggies. Fritatta and green beans (twice) berries and Greek yogurt

egg white sandwich

all ready for work

I ate this on the drive into work


and Vitatop for dessert

back on track, 4 liters of water and treadmill. I feel so much better when I eat correctly!!

see ya tomorrow


  1. I'm back on the wagon with you :)

  2. just catching up with blogs today..glad you are back onj know, this is our life. sometmes we want to check out from the good food routines and it just doesn't always amazes me how much food you eat / all healthy/ plenty of yum included...keep on

  3. You're looking very skinny and sounds like you're feeling great too. Ever onward. We'll do this thing one day at a time. :)


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