Monday, April 11, 2011


6 egg white sandwich

100 calorie's worth of tofu fried rice from California Vegan

makins of an egg white sandwich and the cottage cheese I added to my oven baked veggies

I added some balsamic vinegar at the end of the baking .... soooooo good!!

a bean burrito = 4 points (see yesterday's post for the detail's... er I think??)

frozen yogurt

not pictured: a Fiber One brownie and a Vitatop and an AM/PM coffee so maybe I went over by about 3-4 so I am still good on the extra points for this week (so much for the bravado talk yesterday about not using any more weekly points!!! LOL)

When I got home today the shower in my bedroom was demo'd .... hubby decided (he called me at work, so I guess WE technically decided) that we needed the shower to be redone..... OMG!!! AND all the door and floor moldings are torn out, bedrooms and hallway is all painted. aaaahhhhhh when will this be done??? Our bed is in the living room because our bedroom floor isn't done yet so I am hiding in the spare bedroom, where all the "stuff" from my bedroom is. Maybe I will try to get Netflix on this computer to chill a bit. I can't watch TV cause the hubby is asleep in the living room...

ahhh ....I could have oh so much worse problems, right!!!

see ya tomorrow guys :)

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  1. That's what blogs are for -
    A safe place to separate the false bravado
    from the true. We call it "changing your mind!"

  2. I see asparagus!!! YES to spring!

  3. :) I made baked veggies the same way yesterday!!


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