Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ok ...... This is me officially chilling out :0)
Relaxing :)
Taking a deep breath :p

Pre weight in day 138.8
That is a loss, I am just adding stress on myself by being to hard on myself. Life isn't perfect, I am not expected to eat perfect.

Stress releases coritizone, .... The stress hormone which makes belly fat (omg am I FULL of crappola or WHAT!!!!) lol, lol, lol
Ha ha .... Made ya smile and laugh,

I read that in a magazine somewhere, I am sure of it???

So today I have a carload of stuff I have to return, I will pack food so I eat healthy and I won't be a nasty returner, I will be pleasant. I hate when folks are nasty, it's like they are pissed and entitled to be mean and nasty and make everyone as miserable as they are

I have to return things to four store, I have every receipt but one, so I am not anticipating problems

Pictures tonight, have a great day. Be nice to yourself, I am going to try that today :)

See ya later taters


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