Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i am still here

Been a rough week. Didnt want to whine to you guys. Weigh in is tomorrow. Back to food photography tomorrow.
Maintaining is way way harder than i though it was going to be!!!

Later guys
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  1. I've had the same kind of week myself!! Getting sick I just wanted to eat what i felt like eating. I'm still sick but i really need to get back on track.
    We can do it Karla!!

  2. I have said it a million times.
    ANYONE can lose the weight.....
    MANY of us have..... MANY times!!!!!!!
    Now, we have to learn to keep it off!
    And all the little decisions are amplified here.
    We think it will be a breeze....
    We need to think that, to get through!
    But really, it is like the difference between planning a wedding
    and planning a marriage.....
    Two different things entirely.
    But it's do-able, Karla,
    And it is all good!
    Maybe more emphasis on fitness.
    And stay strict on diet!!??
    I dunno..... I'm learning, too!
    Just know I don't want to go back!


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