Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Day

I'm laying in bed at 330 in the morning.

Some kind of science fiction type area 51 water company generator has been running outside my bedroom window for a week. I know I'm paranoid but I've woken up everyday for a week with a headache.

I have to get on the scale I'm scared.

It is like drug addiction. I feel like an alcoholic who just crawled in after a week long binge. Gross, huh?

And what really sucks is I know all the reasons, number one is stress!! too much going on all at once overwhelms me. My house is all torn up we are putting new floors in, We are also getting new furniture, and I have not blogged about this because I don't wanna seem ungrateful. I am very grateful and excited about all this exciting stuff just overwhelmed. Also the yearly management performance reviews that I have to write, and give, and get. I feel like a baby whining. Nothing has changed over night.

I just need to get up this morning outta bed and realize today is a new day. I can't change the last week. I have to learn from it. I thought I would've learned in last year.

This last week I got lazy and stop reading weight loss blogs. Got all caught up in my own head. Okay here I go. I'm gonna go get on the scale ...It wasn't as bad as I thought 141.4 not horrible...

I feel yucky, it will take me a few days to feel better. I have done so much and come so far. I don't want to throw it away now. I was so full of myself in thinking maintenance was going to be a breeze. It is HARD!!! It's like walking a tightrope, learning balance.

Well I will be back to my food photography. It may be redundant but it works for me!

I am always afraid to blog too much, I read some people's blogs and think... "OMG!!! you do realize that people are reading this???!!!"

I am VERY grateful to have so many wonderful things going on in my life.

These next 2 week's will crazy!! prepping for the final bedroom to be painted and floors installed deciding the furniture choices giving three more performance reviews and I have inventory in my store to add on top of all this!!!

BUT BUT BUT I have this blog to vent to so I may need you to dump a little more than usual... I get nervous of the blogger crazies... I will be one these next two weeks!!!

bloggers have helped through this last year I was isolating this last week. No more!!! Back to the food journal.

Thank you guys :)


  1. 141? Not bad at all.
    I was just reading last night how difficult maintenance is and it scares me just a little because weight loss has been extremely hard for me.
    So I'm going to keep coming by here to learn how maintenance is done!

  2. I got your back here, too.
    I'm right there with you.
    And yes. It's an eye-opening experience.
    But one we can handle -
    One day at a time!

  3. Karla you have had a hard week! We all go through that (for me it was this week too). It's scary going through a phase that you haven't had any experience with. But I have no doubt that you will rock this maintenance just as you have weight loss!


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