Sunday, April 10, 2011

Post # 567

80 calorie Trader Joe's muffin

egg whites with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes



a sandwich and some cut put carrots, jicama and cucumber

I mixed this with Diet Sunkist, it was a 100 calorie creamsicle :)

frozen yogurt

I had two of these

and two burritos!!! I ate too much today, BUT BUT BUT I am only 20 points into my extras, so for the next few days I will hold it to 21 points and I will be good

The burritos were the La Tortilla 80 calorie high fiber whole wheat tortilla, fat free cheese, and fat free refried black beans. I weighed the beans and the cheese. I do eat a lot, but it works for me!!

I went and bought new work pants size 6's so it is working. The 4's fit but then the pockets pooch.... I hate when they do that so I went to the 6's

My bed is in my living room!!! Only another week of chaos and then my living room will be done, and the floors and paint done. I will post pictures next week.

I had a good day; exhausting but fun. Out for breakfast, work pants shopping and we got our living room furniture, hubby and I agreed!!! it wasn't a knock down drag out battle... I love when it works that way :)

See ya tomorrow

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  1. I really wish I had a Trader Joe's here! Your food looks great. Some days we eat more than others and that's totally normal :)

  2. I need to find some of those tortillas. I always see people writing about them but always forget to look for them at the store. And I love those chocolate vitatops... Mmmmmm!

  3. "egg whites with spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes" a true gift from the gods. Love that combo...add a little lite feta cheese and WHOA! So yum!!!!


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