Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post 582

Egg white sandwich for breakfast
Tofu bowl
Fiber one brownie
I didn't have any fruit for the Greek yogurt so I just took some vanilla and sweetener, and made vanilla Greek yogurt... It was good.... Kinda maybe a little weird, but I will do it again
A chocolate protein drink that I added to a Starbucks iced coffee with some SF vanilla syrup .... Tasted like a mocha latte
And (not pictured) two handfuls of snacky cracker mix.... :(
A "bowl" of asparagus, half a cup of quinoa, and 2 ozs of chicken with 30 g's of Newmans light balsamic vinegar dressing.... I will for sure make this combo again!!!

I am DETERMINED not to eat again tonight!!!! Come on Karla you can do it girl!!! One night no snacking!!

See ya tomorrow

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