Monday, April 25, 2011


So the best laid plans.....

I didn't eat the tofu bowl,instead I ate chips, chips and more chips

And a frozen yogurt on the way home
The girls leave their chips on their desks... "Oh go ahead eat some, it's for everyone"... Oh you are so nice.... Ah no. So I of course eat too much. Tomorrow I am going to buy a jar of crunchy pickles and when I want their chips, I will eat pickles.

So I of course want to jump on the scale and sabotage myself, "oh you blew it, so go crazy, throw in the towel" NOPE! Back on the wagon tomorrow.

Ah fun fun fun :(

See ya tomorrow


  1. That's right... no towels thrown in allowed! Moving on and striving for better choices. You can do it Karla!! :)

    God bless

  2. MMM...PICKLES!! I have lately become so addicted to pickles!! Great idea :-) Way to find a way to still get your crunch on!

  3. Oh, dear, Karla!
    I noticed this about myself.
    If I cut back too too hard,
    the next day my body takes it's own revenge.
    That first bite of chips..... no one can eat just one!


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