Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear blogger

Please get fixed, I would like to comment!!
But you are broken... Grrrr

Oh well, I am off to read, sorry guys!

Post 631

Oatmeal and Costco brand egg beaters,

Work food

And a popcorn for diner
i have been in a funk these last few days, stressed over life's happenings. Stuff just gets to ya sometimes, ya know?!

Tomorrow is a new day ... And lets make it a good one... NOPE! i am not waiting! I will have a nice evening :)

Hope you do as well :)
See ya tomorrow

Good Morning blog world

Yesterday was all about the weekly food prep

I find that twice a month it takes me a day to clean, rearrange and shop for supplies (kind of like preparing for war!!! LOL) and a day to prepare for the week

I watched Food Inc. and Super Size me yesterday I am going to go see Forks Over Knives this week with my DD

I think I will TRY to re-read Skinny Bitch The book is kind of brutal and a bit of a hard read, but I know it is worth it! I am almost done with the book I am reading

I got on the scale this morning and I was up a little, I know it is from eating at 5pm and going to bed at 7pm!!! I can't eat a huge salad and go directly to bed!! I know better... sheesh! and here I am up at 3 AM (I have been up for an hour!)

I have been playing with the same 5 pounds since January, maintenance is kind of a weird place to be.. I am having doubt about my commitment to healthy eating, ONLY because of the 5 pound swing, but having a 5 pound swing is kind of normal for maintenance.

I am rambling about basically nothing so I am going to go get on the treadmill and start my day...

see ya tonight

Monday, May 30, 2011

Post #629

Breakfast was egg whites, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and soy chorizo and oatmeal

Greek yogurt and berries. I prepared food today a giant bowl of berries

I had a muffin while chopping vegetables, I made an egg white fritatta, it made 4 meals at 4 points each. the oven vegetables looked too good to pass on!

I cut up a watermelon, I had to have a sample bowl

salad for dinner, I made a bowl of the salad toppings; cleaned all the lettuce
Baked a total of 3 pans of oven vegetables, i used one pan for the frittata, and the others will be for lunches
i also chopped up all the chop suey vegetables ready for lunches, I will not be buying salad mixtures after last weeks bug issue!!

Stupid beans!!! So good though. Only about half a cup
Big stick for the days sweet treat. Only 70 calories!!!

See ya tomorrow. I hope you had a nice holiday

Memorial Day morning muses

So its the holiday and here I sit this morning thinking:

Am I the only one that thinks I don't do enough for the holidays? Is just a bbq with the family enough? Or should I be doing this amazing event planning? Picnic? Hike? Should we be going to a parade? Am I somehow missing out on holiday events?

When I began dieting, I ate a lot of packaged foods ... Frozen, WWer brand things. I have been noticing as folks stick to their plans and get healthier by whichever way they chose, they become pickier in their choices: eliminating this or that. They go vegan, give up soda, give up artificial sweeteners, give up the white carbs.... You get my drift.... My muses for the morning...... Am I doing enough? Should I give up something? But when I cut out this or that I set myself up to fail by being to hard on myself... I will say I looked at the ingredient list for FF store brand cool whip topping that I bought yesterday. (see picture below) it has modified potato starch.....WTH?

I read the book Skinny Bitch (kind of) it was too much for me ..... Too much information and brutal!!!! I watched Food Inc. A while back (a fellow blogger just referenced it which made me remember ..... HI CHUBS!!!!!) maybe this is part of the reason I barely eat meat... I want to watch it again but I am kind of scared to

Stupid TV!!! I have Netflix but my son needs to help me, I forgot how to operate the danged remote control

Am I so forgetful because of all the artificial sweeteners in my diet? Am I getting old? (51 is NOT old!!) do I just have a super busy life and it is just plain hard to keep it all together and has NOTHING to do with artificial sweeteners. I started taking Ginko Biloba to see if it helps

I flat out don't want to give up artificial sweeteners

Do beginning dieters often fail because they only see extreme examples of reformed dieters? 100% natural, 5k or 10k running, gym going, never eat a bite of anything bad people? I know those folks intimidated me... That's why the extreme bloggers who throw mud at struggling bloggers just make me shake my head and think ...weren't you there in their place at one point in your life?

BUT other whiner bloggers make me just plain ole sad.... Struggling struggling struggling and they have a substantial amount to lose and they think the "quick fix" diet will work for them ..... Nope..... Makes me wonder why we aren't more educated about health and fitness

Maybe we aren't as educated because we live in a society that is driven by individuals just wanting to cash in

Gees pees what has gotten into me this morning!!!

Going to go make breakfast, see ya tonight :)

Have a wonderful day


Sunday, May 29, 2011


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Post 626

Breakfast looks unappetizing, but it was really good!! Good day off, hubby was all about the races today ... I don't do sports
So I did my clean and stock up deal today
7 stores later and I am poor and tired :) lol
I ate 5 onion rings, hummm I am sure they aren't very point friendly Ore Ida, can't be that gawd awful
Oh and I had a Popsicle Big stick, 70 calories
i am going to read and relax tonight, I need a good nights sleep too much caffeine yesterday

See ya tomorrow

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I have felt yucky the last few days, I need to get on the scale tomorrow, I just feel uber fat...

I fought with myself the whole way home
Frozen yogurt, no
Frozen yogurt? ... No
frozen yogurt??? .... No

Frozen yogurt????? No


NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!

So I didn't have one, funny thing was, I wasn't even freakin hungry???? My fat cells yelling at me maybe??

Have a great night, see ya tomorrow

Friday, May 27, 2011


I had 2 Fiber One brownies, which is 180 additional calories, still within losing mode of calorie intake so nothing to fret over.

Dang I am tired tonight!!

See ya tomorrow fellow bloggers :)
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Something different

So here's where I started my food prep, I feel sometime silly but hey it has been working for me!!

Food packed for the day

So here is what I am going to try: here is my plan. I planned my food, it is all packed and ready to go! So here is my challenge to myself: can I go the day and stick 100% to my plan? No popcorn, no Fiber One brownie, no extra anything, no BLT's ..... Those are killers!!!

Wish me luck! I will check in tonight
Have a great day:)
See ya tonight

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Post # 622

4 egg whites omelet style and under the plate in the bowl is oatmeal


I didn't take a picture of my food but this is what I had cold left over oven baked vegetables with cottage cheese on them

Greek yogurt with berries

frozen yogurt


green beans for dinner with margarine and Parmesan cheese. I also had 2 Fiber one bars. I sliced, diced, shopped, baked and sauteed today!!! Baked vegetables, huge salad, chop suey all for the next 2 days of work. I am ready!!

Have a great day and see ya tomorrow :)

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Random coffee post and annoyed!

I made perfect coffee this morning!!

4 heaping scoops of coffee and a heaping spoon of ground cinnamon

I measure out my creamer; 30 g's on the scale add a little SF syrup (thank you Anne) for clueing me into these amazing syrups! They sell them as World market right across the street from my work

ssssoooo good! Today is definitely going to be a good day :)
not to mention a good weigh in... yeah me!!

blogger is being annoying, It has asked me like 10 freaking time to sign in, I may start posting comments as anonymous.... grrrr

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog awards and my food for the day

The rules of the award:

-Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
-Tell us 10 things about yourself.
-Nominate your bloggers.
-Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award


As usual, there are some rules that go along with this award:
1) Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
2) Share seven things about yourself
3) Nominate your bloggers and tell them you have done it


Thank you Grace and Lyndsay

Ok 10+7= 17.… so 17 things about me

1. I never liked dogs until we got our pug, Jack. Now I am a Pug lover!
2. I like peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches on white bread
3. I am not a big car freak, as long as it’s paid for I am happy!
4. I met my husband when I was 13
5. I miss my Mom terribly, she passed away several years ago
6. I am not a clingy person, I need my space
7. I am a slob
8. I don’t clean
9. I lived in Europe when I was small
10. I generally don’t have BO
11. I like Crest regular toothpaste
12. I like vampire gothic mysteries
13. I am very straight-laced
14. I grind my teeth at night
15. I drove cross the United States by myself when I was 19

see ya tomorrow

thanks again guys :)

Feeling guilty

in the last few days I have gotten two blog awards.

Thank you!! I will blog tonight about them. I have not been ignoring them, just busy


I love blog awards..... See ya tonight guys
Have a great day
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post 618

Good food day all this and Fiber One brownies, The Pita Pal salads were at Costco, the three bean is delish. The Texas caviar so so

Bug free today .... Yuck yuck

See ya tomorrow :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Post 617

4 egg whites with a half a cup (dry measure) of oatmeal

cherries, watermelon, left over green beans, tofu-brown rice- chop suey and TJ's egg white salad with high fiber toast, Greek yogurt with cinnamon, sweetener and vanilla mixed in

.... and a BUG salad.... eeewwwwww!!!! Giant gross bug in the salad, so that ended up in the trash! maybe the last time I buy salad mix!!!

Frozen yogurt, I also had 2 tricuit crackers with cream cheese and about 4 hand fulls of those new Special K pop chips

When I got home tonight it was a food prep mania!!! watermelon cut up, berries cleaned and cut up, new salad (thoroughly inspected.... ewwww) cleaned and cut up, oven roasted vegetables cut up and ready for the oven in the morning

phew!!! I am tired... Good Night!

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Fiber One brownies

Fiber One Brownies, I have only seen them once at Costco

So dear Costco PLEASE get more!!

I have not seen them in the grocery stores

so dear General Mills PLEASE get them on the grocery store shelves

One point (old program, not the points plus) and so so so so so so so so soooooo GOOD!!!

fondly Karla

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post 615

Quick, too many BLT's :(

But if you don't count those I was only over my points by 2

Counting the BLT's (bites, licks and tastes) maybe 10 over ..... Ah bummer
Thank you to the WW'er Gods to those extra weekly points!!!

I did do my treadmill and I have been getting my water in every day 3-4 liters

See ya tomorrow

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Post 614

we went out for breakfast: egg white omelet with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos and soy chorizo (half serving of the chorizo) and oatmeal

half a muffin Trader Joe's apple cranberry bran 120 calories for the half

Greek yogurt with cinnamon, vanilla and some sweetener

Suzi!!! they had green juice at Costco as a sample, I tried it and thought of you, actually it was good!


frozen yogurt

my favorite day off activity: chillin out and reading, .... snacks while reading

Jack and Molly chillin with me :)

dinner was oven roasted vegetables with some Parmesan, I did have a few bites of oven french fries and a few carrots with hummus

nothing too horrible, I did weigh myself this morning 139.2 so that ugly 140.6 number is leaving :-)

well it is after 6pm and nothing has happened..... sooooo

see ya tomorrow

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