Sunday, May 1, 2011


Went to breakfast and got an egg white omelet, had to send it back.... Runny....eeewww but when it came back.... Delish
I split the oatmeal with my kid
Not a balanced food day, a lot of snacking, but i did eat within, or just a few points over my allowance

I made 2 pans of oven vegetables, tomorrow i will make an egg white fritatta to take to the beach.
I have to go buy some shorts tomorrow, i don't have any that fit!!! I could (and have) had worse problems :)

We are going to take the dogs and go RVing at Carpenteria beach... Sooo relaxing

I may have some sf jello later with ff Redi whip... only 5 calories compared to the regular Rediwhip at 25

See ya tomorrow

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  1. The beach, the beach, If I were there, I would LIVE on the beach....
    Never go inside. Just live on the beach... eating egg whites....


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