Friday, May 6, 2011

Back home

So we woke up at 6 to no coffee pot (i wasn't planning on drinking the gruel anyways....) so hubby says lets head home and we were pulling out of the campground at 7am!!!

I only drank half of the protein drink

It was a salt salt salt day!!! May not make for a good weigh in ???

Subway = salt

We had PF Changs for dinner, i ordered just a bunch of sides, green beans, asparagus, cucumbers, slaw (tasted too much like mayo.... Didnt eat but a bit or two) but i am sure the sauce it was in was loaded with salt

We'll see tomorrow???

Kids got me a nook for Mothers day, i have great kids :)

See ya tomorrow


  1. Oh a nook ... sweet!
    Welcome Home!

  2. That was a great trip-
    Thanks for letting us tag along!
    Happy Mudders Day!


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