Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Morning blog world

Yesterday was all about the weekly food prep

I find that twice a month it takes me a day to clean, rearrange and shop for supplies (kind of like preparing for war!!! LOL) and a day to prepare for the week

I watched Food Inc. and Super Size me yesterday I am going to go see Forks Over Knives this week with my DD

I think I will TRY to re-read Skinny Bitch The book is kind of brutal and a bit of a hard read, but I know it is worth it! I am almost done with the book I am reading

I got on the scale this morning and I was up a little, I know it is from eating at 5pm and going to bed at 7pm!!! I can't eat a huge salad and go directly to bed!! I know better... sheesh! and here I am up at 3 AM (I have been up for an hour!)

I have been playing with the same 5 pounds since January, maintenance is kind of a weird place to be.. I am having doubt about my commitment to healthy eating, ONLY because of the 5 pound swing, but having a 5 pound swing is kind of normal for maintenance.

I am rambling about basically nothing so I am going to go get on the treadmill and start my day...

see ya tonight

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  1. Since you watched Super Size Me - the movie -
    you owe it to yourself to now watch
    FatHead - the movie! Best film ever!

    And the 5 pound thing - me too!
    Pinkie Jinx! :D


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