Saturday, May 7, 2011


I lost weight this week :)

138.4 which is -1.6

not quite to the clogs yet, maybe next week... maybe two more weeks???

I told myself when I got back to 137 I would get myself a pair of clogs

I was kind of surprised this morning, I thought all that salty foods would hurt me on the scale, and it was like a 10 day span since I weighed because of the camping trip

I have been thinking about how to I change how I feel about myself??? I wore a cute summer dress I just bought at H&M for only $10 and it was too big!!! I still see myself as that 16-18 size gal and too often I buy clothes for her... weird huh?

breakfast with my son, pick up clothes at the cleaners, Costco and some laundry. Life is good

later taters

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  1. A neighbor tried to give me some pants....
    Polo.... size 16.
    I put them on over my 8/10 yoga pants....
    Right in front of her.
    She was shocked!
    I had a ton of room to spare in there!
    It's a good adjustment!
    And cool on the loss!


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