Saturday, May 7, 2011

Massive Picture post, food and years gone by ..... Aka fat pictures

So why do I overeat when I have a good weigh in, I have chosen the clogs I want when I get to 137 ::::::sigh::::::

so I ate all the oatmeal (I should have only eaten half)

2 Vitatops

And I added some of hubbies scalloped potatoes to my broccoli.....

ok, I will live. I did get on my treadmil today so that was good

Old pictures!!! Omg! I was a beast! Lol .... Age has been kind to me, better days ahead

Thank you for being my support system, I could not have done this alone :)

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  1. Oh listen to you ... a beast. lol.
    You do look younger now though, that's for sure.

    I do that too when I have a good weigh-in. Not sure why.

  2. I now pronounce you the Carb Queen of LA!
    The tall, skinny Carb Queen, that is!
    Looking good, Karla!

  3. You have done SUCH an awesome job. you have come so far!!!

  4. If I'm going to binge, i'm going to binge after a good weigh in! Grrr....

  5. Omg .... Hi Lisa :) how are you? Hope everything is well

  6. Karla < you look great!!!!!!love Beth


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