Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day morning muses

So its the holiday and here I sit this morning thinking:

Am I the only one that thinks I don't do enough for the holidays? Is just a bbq with the family enough? Or should I be doing this amazing event planning? Picnic? Hike? Should we be going to a parade? Am I somehow missing out on holiday events?

When I began dieting, I ate a lot of packaged foods ... Frozen, WWer brand things. I have been noticing as folks stick to their plans and get healthier by whichever way they chose, they become pickier in their choices: eliminating this or that. They go vegan, give up soda, give up artificial sweeteners, give up the white carbs.... You get my drift.... My muses for the morning...... Am I doing enough? Should I give up something? But when I cut out this or that I set myself up to fail by being to hard on myself... I will say I looked at the ingredient list for FF store brand cool whip topping that I bought yesterday. (see picture below) it has modified potato starch.....WTH?

I read the book Skinny Bitch (kind of) it was too much for me ..... Too much information and brutal!!!! I watched Food Inc. A while back (a fellow blogger just referenced it which made me remember ..... HI CHUBS!!!!!) maybe this is part of the reason I barely eat meat... I want to watch it again but I am kind of scared to

Stupid TV!!! I have Netflix but my son needs to help me, I forgot how to operate the danged remote control

Am I so forgetful because of all the artificial sweeteners in my diet? Am I getting old? (51 is NOT old!!) do I just have a super busy life and it is just plain hard to keep it all together and has NOTHING to do with artificial sweeteners. I started taking Ginko Biloba to see if it helps

I flat out don't want to give up artificial sweeteners

Do beginning dieters often fail because they only see extreme examples of reformed dieters? 100% natural, 5k or 10k running, gym going, never eat a bite of anything bad people? I know those folks intimidated me... That's why the extreme bloggers who throw mud at struggling bloggers just make me shake my head and think ...weren't you there in their place at one point in your life?

BUT other whiner bloggers make me just plain ole sad.... Struggling struggling struggling and they have a substantial amount to lose and they think the "quick fix" diet will work for them ..... Nope..... Makes me wonder why we aren't more educated about health and fitness

Maybe we aren't as educated because we live in a society that is driven by individuals just wanting to cash in

Gees pees what has gotten into me this morning!!!

Going to go make breakfast, see ya tonight :)

Have a wonderful day



  1. Awesome post Karla ! Watch Food Inc...then go seee Forks over Knives (there is a link on my blog) will make you think a little more on what we are eating and what it is doing to our bodies !

    Oh, and "they" are all out to make money by any means possible, even if it kills us off !

  2. Great post and I loved all the questions. Must admit I don't have all the answers. :( Remember Carb Tripper's admonition? "Moderation in all things.... including moderation!" Love that.

  3. I got the artificial sweeteners scared out of me so its not so bad over my way. I find if something scares me than I will be much less likely to eat it, seeing as I have a little but of hypochondria. :)

  4. I have to admit I use artificial sweeteners, I've thought about giving them up but at this point I'm not going to.
    I do try moderation in most things, I do eat lots of fruit and veggies and complex carbs :) I do what I can and I won't shorten my life by worrying about what else I have to do. Moderation is how I'm living and enjoying my life.

  5. I've seen "Forks Over Knives" and it was interesting: they had a lot of good points about eating a plant-based diet, supporting their argument with people whose health has improved dramatically as a result of changing their food intake. But I still walked away from the movie feeling pretty good about the eating plan I have created for myself. Maybe it's because I'm not a doctor or scientist, but I feel like, clearly the people in the movie have healthier test results, they went from eating three fast food meals a day and loads of sugary and/or fried snacks to all plants. Moderation and balance are key for me and my success.

    I totally agree with you about mean bloggers, too - I think that especially when people are just getting started, they need support on their journeys. So yes, it's tough to see someone slip and use the usual excuses, but we all did it at one point, so there's no need to criticise or be unkind. Eventually we all figure out what works best for us - but it's definitely a trial-and-error discovery.


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