Thursday, May 19, 2011

A new day

The weigh in was pretty much expected 140.6
I did think about something, since I only weigh once a week, and I was into the snack mix Monday, it was almost like I knew it was going to be a bad weigh week, so my thinking was WHATEVER...... not a good attitude, maybe I need to weigh myself more often than only once a week. i will keep a closer eye on the scale this week

New day, no quitting allowed....
Breakfast was oatmeal with sweetener, Cinnamon and a bit of vanilla and 4 egg whites

I had a meeting to go to today, so I took egg white salad with crunchy wheat toast and some cut up vegetables (jicama, carrots, cucumber and red pepper) Half of a muffin (120 calories worth)

Greek yogurt with blueberries in more cinnamon and sweetener

And In the big bowl is cold cooked green beans with some leftover cold oven cooked vegetables with cottage cheese and some light salad dressing .......... I love oven cooked vegetables. I remember reading in a blog some months back .... This gal cooked her broccoli and cauliflower in the oven and i remember thinking "that sounds silly, but whatever I will give it a try" and now through some trial and error, it is how I prefer my vegetables now... Baked with olive oil misted on them with or without Balsamic vinegar ... Cold or hot... With or without red pepper flakes

Delicious.... Try it :)

I was asked about my vitamins a few days

I asked the doctor about my vitamins Tuesday when I had an appointment and he said just watch the A and B6 ...... So I think no more multi vitamin with the Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins, it has to be one or the other....

Better day, no quitting allowed!!!

See ya tomorrow


  1. Yup: NO QUITTING!

    You quit...I'm coming after you. LOL!


  2. There's no I in quit!
    Well, there is, but no U!
    Well.... you get the idea!
    Onward and downwards!


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