Monday, May 9, 2011

Post #602

I need to work on my daily plan, I pack all this healthy food and like eat like a freaking maniac and 99% of my food is gone by 3:30..... Embarrassing to admit but yeah ....

So here are my thoughts, kind of in line with Suzi's challenge... I am going to eat by the clock
5:30 - 3 points
8:30 - 3 points
11:00 - 3 points
2:30 - 4 points
4:30 - 4 points
6:30 - 3 points
8:00- 1 point

This is kind of in line with the body builder mind set, my DD and her BF are all into lifting weights and eating super healthy, so I think this may work!! It will space out my meals and I can use my phone and set an alarm for when I need to eat (until I get used to it)

I didn't do so great today, those clogs are getting further and further away, but well Suzi lets see if this plan works out!!!

See ya tomorrow


  1. I did this once - 200 cal protein shake - every three hours.
    Worked great!
    Sounds like a plan!


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