Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post #607

Super carrot day!!! I didn't realize it until I just uploaded the pictures

When I bake tofu....
#1 drain and dry out on paper towels, use cans on top of the tofu to squeeze out as much liquid as possible

#2 marinate for a few days ( I use teriaki and hot chili paste)

#3 slice thin, the thinner the better

#4 line a cookie sheet with tin foil, spray with Pam

#5 bake at 375, turning every 15 minutes.... Maybe 45 minutes, until it almost looks crispy


I had too many bites and tastes at Costco ... The demo hags... Lol

See ya tomorrow

Oh and waaayyyy toooo many Vitatops ::::::sigh:::::: thank you Weight Watches for those extra weekly points, saves my butt every week!!!

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