Sunday, May 15, 2011

Post #609

I had an egg white sandwich for breakfast, so I had this great plan hummmm are you kind of getting an idea how my day went??

Greek yogurt with strawberries ..... Check

Salad with cottage cheese .... Check

Oven baked vegetables with cottage cheese ..... Check

So remember on Monday how I threw away all that snacky mix because the gal it belongs to wasn't going to be in all week??? .... Well I had to replace it all of course I had to sample, and sample and sample :(

Well I didn't eat my planned frozen yogurt or my last meal. I will have it tomorrow

Tonight when I got home I cooked, I didn't want to eat so cooking is safe

Green beans, oven baked vegetables and tofu.... Hubby is so funny he HATES tofu, he makes such a fuss.... He is hiding in the bedroom because "it stinks" ........ Love ya babe, get over it!!!! Lol :)

Oh here are the shoes I got as my 137 reward, Algeria's black snake skin (faux of course!) Mary Jane's.... Soooooo comfortable

See ya tomorrow guys :)


  1. Hi, wow, congrats on your weight loss success!! Such an inspiration!!

    Love the shoes!

  2. Yay... congrats!

    It was kind of funny to be looking at all your food pics and see those shoes. I was wondering if you ate the shoes too! ;)



  3. Cute shoes! Everything looks so healthy and delicious!

  4. Congrats on the shoes! What a GREAT reward for such great progress. ;)

  5. How funny! Food, food, REALLY CUTE SHOES, more food. Thanks for the instructions on baking tofu. :)

  6. Really cute shoes! I'm putting my post up soon, be sure to check out what shoes I picked up today.
    I've actually started to love tofu!


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