Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Post #611

I did the math and I haven't walked as much as last year, so I did an extra 30 minutes today. There is some catching up to do! I walked something like 1.06 miles per day last year and only .85 per day so far this year. I will double up a few times a week to make it all even

I had 2 vitatops and 2 brownies and 2 bowls of the salad double double trouble today!! Lol :) ..... Actually I made 2 bags of popcorn also, I burned the first one so bad, I put water on it!!! I got a little carried away with the microwave

the first salad looking picture is cold oven baked vegetables with cottage cheese and the second (last) picture is salad with cottage cheese

I also had a few carrots with some hummus

Days off are harder, i want to eat more so sometimes I run errands to keep myself busy so I don't just sit home and eat everything in sight

See ya tomorrow :)

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