Friday, May 20, 2011

Post 613

Oatmeal with 4 egg whites for breakfast

The yogurt I added cinnamon, sweetener and a little vanilla

Tofu, brown rice and stir fry veggies

Ok, ok, ok i ate 3 Fiber one brownies..... Toot toot don't get near me tonight, but no work tomorrow, so its all good!

Oh and new clogs..... These were on close out!!! How could I resist!!!

Long long long day! Tomorrow its all over (if you believe the Internet) .... I may or may not see ya tomorrow ;) ;)


  1. I love those clogs!! And the food of course :)

  2. that yogurt looks sooo good (as does the rest of the food), and that egg white salad looks interesting! i'm gonna have to look for something like that next time i'm at the mart! (btw, you look amazing!)

  3. I love the clogs!
    My faves so far.
    Food looks good!
    I finally gave up on all the Maltitol, etc, for that very reason.
    I actually started giving sf candy to patients as a laxative -
    It works!

  4. Yep, those sweeteners will cause problems. I still can't find those brownies. Maybe they are testing them in California and Arizona will get them soon. I looked at the egg white salad in Trader Joe's and balked at the price. I've been making my own. It's pretty good as I use the garlic and herb low cal mayo. Thanks for the food ideas. Love the shoes. :)


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