Monday, May 30, 2011

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Breakfast was egg whites, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and soy chorizo and oatmeal

Greek yogurt and berries. I prepared food today a giant bowl of berries

I had a muffin while chopping vegetables, I made an egg white fritatta, it made 4 meals at 4 points each. the oven vegetables looked too good to pass on!

I cut up a watermelon, I had to have a sample bowl

salad for dinner, I made a bowl of the salad toppings; cleaned all the lettuce
Baked a total of 3 pans of oven vegetables, i used one pan for the frittata, and the others will be for lunches
i also chopped up all the chop suey vegetables ready for lunches, I will not be buying salad mixtures after last weeks bug issue!!

Stupid beans!!! So good though. Only about half a cup
Big stick for the days sweet treat. Only 70 calories!!!

See ya tomorrow. I hope you had a nice holiday

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  1. What is in those oven vegetables and how do you make it ???? Looks delish :)


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